Hello! How's everything? I went to MIYAVI's concert on Oct.9 in Tokyo.  I've never had such an exciting concert before. I like his performance,the guitar and the drum. That small combination really fit his music and I think the drummer BOBO who is the best partner of MIYAVI.

I'll talk about him a lot later anyway. Here is some photos that took in Daiba in Tokyo. Zepp was a concert hall where MIYAVI had a live. Many people was coming out of it after the concert.

The city, Diba is also famous for a big statue of Gundam which is a hero of a robot in the anime. It was shinning in the night. How beautiful!!

I bought his live DVD too. That is so cool. I enjoy it every day.

See you then!



Hey! How's your weekend? It's raining outside in Japan. Weather report says Typhoon 18 is coming soon. Actually we have a lot of typhoon here in Japan. Especially the south region often has damages. I hope not to hit that aria this time.

Well MIYAVI, I listen to his songs every day. He has a gift of music. This Wednesday, when English class, I'm gonna talk about him. Exciting isn't it. Next lesson, in which we bring free topics each other so I decided to speak  his story.

His English pronunciation is beautiful. It means he has good ears I think. I like study English very much too. His English also inspires me to learn it hard.

See you! I give you a beautiful autumn red rose. Please enjoy it !



What's up? I am really sleepy today. Because I did my English assignment last night until two in the midnight. I usually take English class every Wednesday. So last week my new teacher, American woman gave us an article which about "uncanny valley". Do you know the phrase? It's about robotics. It took five hours to understand it. Then I must have written summery so I got up at five in the morning today and wrapped up writing. It was really hard time. I remembered my school days.

The article picked up from BBC was very difficult to read but I challenged. Anyway the English teacher were very surprised what I had done it. There were some mistakes in my report but she gave me A plus. I was so happy.

I'm going to bed early tonight. Here is a photo I took, sun set, very beautiful isn't it?